5 reasons why you should become a Chartered Manager

  1. Chartered Manager is the Gold standard in professional management accreditation in the UK
  2. Chartered Managers are recognised and valued by their employers
  3. Chartered managers are looked up to, across all sectors
  4. Adding CMgr post-nominals will make you stand out in today’s competitive job market
  5. 83% say they are better managers as a result of becoming Chartered   


Manager crossing finish line

The application involves four key questions which take your Level 5 or above Diploma qualification completion as the start point and prompts you to consider how you have applied your learning and how you are effective in your management role as a result.

The ‘exemption’ route enables you to build upon the knowledge and expertise demonstrated through completion of the qualification. This route seeks to confirm your acquired knowledge, skills and applied learning to deliver effective management performance.  Additionally it allows you to confirm ethical practice and plans for future development.

Over 90% of Chartered Managers report greater self-awareness and self-confidence. 92% use Chartered Manager to showcase their continual learning and growth

Awarded only by the Chartered Management Institute, Chartered Manager is the most prestigious status that can be achieved in the management profession. It is the stamp of confidence that tells current and prospective employers that you are a highly competent manager who leads with vision and inspiration and gets results. Consistently.

Fast Track Route

If you hold a CMI Level 5 or above Diploma in Management and Leadership, and have a minimum of three years’ management experience, you can fast-track to Chartered Manager status in the most cost-effective way. You could even attain ‘Fellow Member’ status.

Upon successful approval you will be awarded Chartered Member (CMgr MCMI) or Chartered Fellow (CMgr FCMI) dependent on experience.

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