Coaching = Engagement = Results

Our economy is growing at the fastest pace since the recession, yet organisations still face uncertainty and this has a more profound effect on employees than many business leaders realise.
When we ask organisations for their wish list in terms of what they would most like to be different, employee engagement in all its forms is consistently up there. The MacLeod Report Defines engagement as:  ’employees having a sense of personal attachment to their work and organisation; they are motivated and able to give of their best to help it succeed – and from that flows a series of tangible benefits for organisation and individual alike’
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So the million dollar question is ‘how do we do that?’

The answer? Make coaching part of your culture.

Since this volatility in our economy is set to continue for the foreseeable future, enabling leaders and employees to succeed is a crucial part of ensuring competitive advantage. Employee engagement is, and always will be, the catalyst for unleashing the true potential that exists within organisations. Coaching enables employees to learn faster and fulfil their potential in ways that can have a dramatic impact on financial performance, employee motivation and engagement, and a whole host of other metrics within the business.

At Adalta we have worked in partnership with the Chartered Management Institute to create what we believe is our most powerful coaching programme yet to help our clients make this aspiration a reality. A CMI recognised programme leading to a CMI quality assured certification. A programme that is aligned to the national occupational standards for management and leadership. A programme which offers participants free CMI membership and access to the largest online management information centre in Europe. A programme called Coaching for Results – does exactly what it says on the tin! We’ve put our heart and soul into this and we’re actively delivering it right now with some of our clients and it’s making waves already.

Action learning

The programme works because (1) it creates an underlying mindset change – a strategy that is much better than merely attempting to change how your employees behave. A mind-set shift is far more permanent and has a domino effect by helping individuals change their behaviours. (2) It does what many coaching programmes fail to do – link personal development to organisational strategy and goals. And not forgetting a plethera of powerful and practical skills, techniques and behaviours that can be instantly transferred to the workplace to create instant results. It’s a winning programme.

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