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Adalta coaching programmes are 100% learner-focused, i.e. the coaching programme is shaped and built entirely around the individual and their priority needs.

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As a general framework for coaching, Adalta use the following model:

Stage 1 – Discover

The purpose of the discovery stage is to establish the context and specific needs to be addressed during the coaching. This stage typically involves the completion of a Management 360˚ Profile or alternative profiling tool.

The initial coaching session is designed to:

  • Agree a coaching contract which determines expectations of both the coach and the coachee 
  • Debrief the results of the 360˚ profiling exercise
  • Elicit clear coaching goals and measures of success 

Clear coaching goals are pre-agreed and documented from the outset to provide focus for the development.

Stage 2 – Design

Once there is a clear focus for the development, a coaching programme is designed and agreed around the priority needs.

It is envisaged that the coaching programme comprises a number of individual sessions each lasting approximately 1-2-hours, which can be delivered either remotely or face-to-face.

Stage 3 – Develop

Adalta take a practical approach to coaching to accelerate the development of mindset, skills and behaviours.

The areas of development are specific and unique to the individual. Examples of skills and behaviours that are typically integrated into management coaching may include:

  • Building self-awareness
  • Developing leadership style and approach
  • Improving communication and personal impact
  • Working on the business
  • Managing people and resources

During each coaching session, the progress of the coachee is reviewed, obstacles are addressed, and the coachee is encouraged to take ownership of their development. At the end of each session, practical actions are agreed, documented and followed up on. 

The role of the coach is to guide, support, encourage and challenge the coachee to find their own solutions, NOT to give them the answers, although practical tools may be offered to add value to the development.

This supports the longer-term objective, which is to empower the coachee to progress their development independently of their coach once the programme is completed. 

We know that one size never fits all, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for or want something more bespoke, our talented team can help.

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