Getting Line Managers ready for the new Apprenticeships

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Line managers wear many hats from that of a mentor and coach to councillor and colleague. What this requires is a multitude of skills and techniques.

They play a critical role in engaging, motivating and inspiring staff. With the new Trailblazer Apprenticeships firmly on the 2017 radar, their ability to guide and support Apprentice’s development will be key to building capability and ramping up performance.

The reality is just a small investment of time can enable a significant return on investment in helping Apprentices grow in confidence and progress within their occupational role. Fundamentally, line managers must be able to set measurable objectives aligned to team and organisational goals and support development through ‘on-the-job’ coaching and observation and giving constructive feedback.

Sounds simple in principle, but in reality it can be tough for managers to do this well, particularly when they haven’t received any training to effectively wear all the hats required to be a good manager.

With the advent of the Levy tax and the new trailblazer apprenticeships, the role of line manager will be significant in making a tangible difference to both the individual and the business. Many training programmes today require individuals to apply what they learn on the job and consistently review and evaluate this. Line managers are key in maintaining momentum, encouraging individuals and developing knowledge, skills and behaviours within the context of their role.

Contrary to popular belief, preparing individuals for training and establishing a focus for development can be done in as little as 10-minutes. The rewards are huge from just a small investment of time.

Adalta are launching a new course this month to help line managers successfully support training and influence performance improvement. The course aims to broaden the line manager’s toolkit and ultimately save time by providing proven and practical templates and tools. Mastering these skills leads to employee engagement, growth and improved productivity. Now that’s a worthwhile investment.

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