House of Commons Launch of Leadership & Management Apprenticeships

The Landscape is Changing

You may have read our Apprenticeships blog last month [‘The New Age of Management Apprenticeships‘]. Earlier this month we attended the launch of the new Leadership and Management Apprenticeship Standards at the House of Commons. Well it’s official – the landscape HAS changed and we’re excited about the future of Management Apprenticeships.

CMI Apprenticeships launch

The UK’s productivity challenge remains the driver for the Government’s investment in Apprenticeships, and here at Adalta we are both thrilled – and relieved – that quality is firmly at the heart of these new standards.

Management by Accident or Design?

Just under 25% of jobs are hard for employers to fill because they find people are either under or over qualified. Accidental managers are a huge daily reality in our world of management training, and too many people for far too long have been promoted for technical competence rather than management potential. 75% of our work is developing and delivering programmes for those in management positions who have never been shown what great management and leadership looks like. So as well as developing best practice, we do have to cover a lot of ‘unlearning’ poor practice which manifests in daily management activity. Poor practice that stifles productivity and blocks engagement. Sometimes there is a total lack of leadership as managers are to busy ‘doing’. Without developing the right knowledge, skills and behaviours managers will simply try and manage – and little else. Great management and leadership drives productivity within organisations. It’s that simple. If want different outcomes, you have to do different things.

Quality at the Core

The Apprenticeship standards hit all those areas that we know from experience will improve quality and boost productivity. That’s why we’re excited about the new Apprenticeships and why we’re taking a big slice of it. Apprenticeships for all ages and management levels. A true progression pathway for creating management talent pools and building your leadership pipeline.

These new standards aim to bridge these gaps, and we are actively working with our clients to do just that. With generous government funding from April 2017, now is the time to act. You really can have your cake and eat it! Be part of the future skills landscape. Ask us about Management and Leadership Apprenticeship Programmes today.