Level 5 Coaching Professional Standard

Having qualified professionals in place with exceptional coaching skills is the secret to any organisation’s success. Developing the potential in others, providing constructive feedback to push people to the next level, and inspiring staff with a confidence in their abilities all play an important role.

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Programme Aim

Having qualified professionals in place with exceptional coaching skills is the secret to any organisation’s success. Developing the potential in others, providing constructive feedback to push people to the next level, and inspiring staff with a confidence in their abilities all play an important role.

But that’s not all. To really excel in a coaching role, professionals need to have the right mind-set themselves. That way, they can approach this position of responsibility positively, and proactively.

Covering a range of targeted areas, our Coaching Apprenticeship is designed with real-world situations in mind. Instead of focusing on theory, we’ll look at how coaching professionals can use tried and tested techniques in the context of everyday scenarios to boost the skillset and motivation of others and embed the organisation’s culture/values. And we always tailor each programme to your industry, sector and team, so we can be sure we’re providing actual, workable solutions that really make sense.

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Who this programme is for:

This programme is for professionals within an occupational area where they can apply coaching in their daily work. Potential learners are those responsible for developing others (e.g., management role), embedding a coaching programme within the organisation, furthering the coaching culture, responsible for a formal coaching relationship or coaching supervision.

The entry requirement is for candidates to have or study towards Level 2 Functional Skills or GCSE qualifications at Grade A*-C (or 4-9) in English and maths.


On successful completion, learners will gain:

  • 1 The Level 5 Apprenticeship Standard for Coaching Professional
  • 2 The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) Level 5 Award in Management Coaching & Mentoring


On completion, learners are eligible to progress to a more in-depth Level 5 coaching qualification such as a Diploma in Management Coaching and Mentoring or progress to a Level 7 coaching qualification should they be in a senior role.

Career pathways may include professional coaching roles that specialise in specific areas such as Career Coach, Leadership Coach, Health and Wellness Coach etc., or progression to an organisational development role that may include responsibility for developing others, developing and embedding a coaching programme within the organisation or managing formal coaching relationships.

Coaching Professional Apprenticeship Standard

Programme Structure

Adalta’s Level 5 Coaching Professional Programme is a highly practical and thought-provoking programme delivered via a range of methodologies, which provides variety, challenge and flexibility.

The emphasis is on the application of coaching within a range of contexts. Through a continual process of learn, apply, reflect and refine, we are able to influence continuous learning and development that helps coaches to deliver results through others.

The programme is fully levy funded, can start at any time and is delivered across approximately 13-months. The integration of a professional management coaching qualification provides an important coaching pathway following the programme to support future career progression.

The programme comprises three core modules which are delivered in a progressive way in that each builds on the learning from the previous one. Within these three modules, learners complete 10 units of coaching competency and core coaching behaviours underpin all units.

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Programme Overview:

Programme Delivery

This highly practical programme is delivered via a rich blend of learning methodologies (see below diagram). This provides variety, challenge and flexibility. The focus of the programme is on applying new skills and behaviours in the context of the learner’s role, which means learners and the organisation reap immediate benefits from a performance and cultural perspective. There is also flexibility around the learning methods integrated and when the programme starts.

The pie chart below provides an indicative example of a) typical learning methods integrated and b) the extent to which each features within the overall programme of learning.

From Adalta’s perspective, OTJ training is about giving learners the opportunity to make a difference, learn and apply new skills in their day-to day role that bring value to individuals, teams and the organisation. This is the essence of the Coaching Apprenticeship!

Programme Assessment

The purpose of assessment is simply to ensure that the learner has gained the required knowledge, and can demonstrate the required coaching skills and behaviours. The ultimate objective is to prove that the learner is fully competent in the Coaching Professional role as per the industry standard.

There are three key stages to assessment.

  • 1 On-programme Assessment
    During the Apprenticeship programme, learners will be continually assessed to make sure they reach the required level of competence as set out in the Standard. This is assessed on a continual, rolling basis against specific knowledge, skill and behaviour outcomes.
  • 2Gateway Assessment

    The Gateway assessment is a 3-way process between Adalta, the learner and their employer/line manager to ensure their readiness to proceed to end point assessment. Adalta ensure learners know what to expect from the outset and ensure they are fully prepared.
  • 3End-point Assessment
    Learners have their skills, knowledge and behaviours evaluated at the end of their apprenticeship by taking an ‘end-point assessment’ (EPA). This is known as synoptic assessment. It is conducted independently to ensure fairness and impartiality and helps ensure the quality and integrity of Apprenticeships. The objective of EPA is to determine that the learner is fully competent in the occupation of a Coaching Professional Role.

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Adalta Level 5 Apprentice of the Year

Undertaking the level 5 apprenticeship has been a rewarding experience that has given me a new perspective on management and leadership. I found as my learning progressed, my confidence has grown giving me the confidence to manage a project that has brought efficiencies for the organisation. It has been great to put the learning points into action and to support and develop junior managers in their roles

Michelle Parker
Level 5 Management Apprentice