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People don’t leave companies, they leave managers. Great managers transform people and performance. But sometimes this can be a chicken and egg situation; after all, becoming a great manager isn’t something that just happens with a promotion.

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Programme Aim

People don’t leave companies, they leave managers. Great managers transform people and performance. But sometimes this can be a chicken and egg situation; after all, becoming a great manager isn’t something that just happens with a promotion.

The Level 5 Management Apprenticeship is a powerful and intensive management programme that develops the knowledge, skills and behaviours to enable managers transform people and performance.

This Standard was developed by employers to ensure that middle managers gain the industry-recognised knowledge, skills and behaviours that are valued by UK organisations today.

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Who this programme is for:

This Apprenticeship Standard is ideal for anyone currently in an Operational/ Departmental manager role or equivalent; that manage teams and / or projects, with responsibility for achieving operational or departmental goals and objectives, as part of the delivery of the organisation’s strategy.

The entry requirement is for candidates to have or study towards Level 2 Functional Skills or GCSE qualifications at Grade A*-C (or 4-9) in English and maths.


What they will achieve on completion:

  • 1 The Level 5 Apprenticeship Standard for Operations/ Departmental Manager
  • 2 The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) Level 5 Certificate in Management and Leadership
  • 3 Chartered Manager Award


Ongoing professional development

On completion, learners are eligible to progress to a Level 6 or Level 7 Management qualification.

Career pathways include step-up to senior-management roles.

Operations/ Departmental Manager Apprenticeship Standard

Programme Structure

Adalta’s Level 5 Manager Programme is a highly pragmatic and well-rounded programme delivered via a range of methodologies, which provides variety, challenge and flexibility.

The emphasis is on the application of the new knowledge, skills, tools and techniques gained in the context of an Operational Manager (or equivalent) role. Through a continual process of learn, apply, reflect and refine, we are able to influence continuous learning and development that helps them and their team to deliver value and generate tangible – and often immediate returns for their organisation.

The programme is fully levy funded, can start at any time and is delivered across approximately 21- months. The integration of a professional management qualification provides an important management pathway following the programme to support future career progression.

The programme comprises three core modules which are delivered in a progressive way in that each builds on the learning from the previous one.

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Module One: Personal Effectiveness (4-months)

Self-awareness is the foundation for successful management and leadership development, it enables managers to understand how they are perceived and how they can adjust their management approach to achieve better results.

Managers will also gain proven tools and techniques to improve personal productivity, learn how to apply a range of problem solving techniques and tools and how to undertake critical analysis to improve decision making.

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Module Two: Interpersonal Excellence (6-months)

This module helps managers to gain a greater understanding of leadership and how to make the transition from manager to leader.

Managers will gain a wealth of practical leadership skills to lead a high performing team and deliver results through others in a way that engages and inspires. They will also learn how to successfully build and manage stakeholder relationships and develop the interpersonal skills and techniques required to influence and present themselves with impact.

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Module Three: Organisational Performance (10-months)

This module helps managers to work ‘on the business’ as well as ‘in it’ to deliver against organisational objectives.

They will gain the ability to input to strategic planning, create and deliver operational plans and manage change. Managers will also develop a greater understanding of business finance and how to manage budgets. A fundamental aspect of this module and indeed the programme is the opportunity to initiate, plan, implement and evaluate a work-based project that deliver a tangible impact.

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Competencies and Behaviours covered:

Programme Delivery

We recognise that everyone learns in different ways and that in order for learning to be truly effective, we ensure a rich blend of methodologies to provide variety, challenge and flexibility.

The pie chart below provides an indicative example of a) typical learning methods integrated and b) the extent to which each features within the overall programme of learning.

Programme Assessment

The purpose of assessment is simply to ensure that the learner has gained the required knowledge, and can demonstrate the required skills and behaviours. The ultimate objective is to prove that the learner is fully competent in the Operations/ Departmental role as per the industry standard.

There are three key stages to assessment.

  • 1 On-programme Assessment
    During the Apprenticeship programme, learners will be continually assessed to make sure they reach the required level of competence as set out in the Standard. This is assessed on a continual, rolling basis against specific knowledge, skill and behaviour outcomes.
  • 2 Gateway Assessment

    The Gateway assessment is a 3-way process between Adalta, the learner and their employer/line manager to ensure their readiness to proceed to end-point assessment. Adalta ensure learners know what to expect from the outset and ensure they are fully prepared.
  • 3End-point Assessment
    Learners have their skills, knowledge and behaviours evaluated at the end of their apprenticeship by taking an ‘end-point assessment’ (EPA). This is known as synoptic assessment. It is conducted independently to ensure fairness and impartiality, and helps ensure the quality and integrity of Apprenticeships. The objective of EPA is to determine that the learner is fully competent in the occupation of an Operations/ Departmental Role.

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Adalta Level 5 Apprentice of the Year

Undertaking the level 5 apprenticeship has been a rewarding experience that has given me a new perspective on management and leadership. I found as my learning progressed, my confidence has grown giving me the confidence to manage a project that has brought efficiencies for the organisation. It has been great to put the learning points into action and to support and develop junior managers in their roles

Michelle Parker
Level 5 Management Apprentice