Management Training – What’s your Blend?

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Today’s global workforce makes it more important than ever for organisations to have flexible means of accessing meaningful management training programmes. As today’s workforce becomes more global and mobile, a question for HR and training professionals is, how do you deliver value driven training to a remote management teams who may be working from different locations, countries and continents?
Whilst face-to-face facilitated learning remains one of the most effective ways to deliver management training due to the topics being largely behavioural, a flexible and blended approach is a must for many organisations today. Whilst blended approaches are widely advertised, the challenge is packaging the different elements of learning in a joined-up, seamless way that helps the management team collaborate, make visible progress and get real results without taking excessive time out of the workplace. The right blend will be a well planned mix of accessible, simple methods relevant to the learners, each of which build learning progressively and delivers clear outputs. These outputs will ideally integrate a professional management qualification as a recognition of learning, achievement and managerial competence.
If a management programme isn’t ‘well blended’, it can feel clunky and isolated. Many factors influence the ‘blend’ that is right for the organisation; such as the business needs, infrastructure, employee learning styles, and available technology. The learning has to be in the context of the day-to-day and has to allow for implementation and review. It also has to offer different means of learning over and above face-to-face delivery, such as work-based projects/assignments, e-learning, action learning, collaborative forums and coaching.
Simple is often the best approach as blending too many methods can over-complicate the delivery. Influencing the learner’s mind-set towards blended learning is key and ensuring that management development programmes have structure, line manager support and accountability from the outset.

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