Staying Safe Online – Part 1

Digital Citizenship for Learners and Educators

Since the 2020 pandemic and the shift to hybrid working patterns, digital platforms, such as Zoom and Microsoft teams have become integral to the ways in which we learn, work and socialise, meaning that everyone is a digital citizen. People are engaging with a wide range of digital technologies. This includes the way we learn, the way we work and the way we socialise.

Adalta use a hybrid model of learning, with the delivery of learning taking place either face-to-face or remotely using multiple platforms, such as Zoom and MS Teams. Our learners access a wide range of resources via multiple sites and apps within a work and learning context, and social media usage outside of work/study has increased significantly.

However, with this increased usage comes greater responsibility and the need for more digital awareness.

Look out for our online safety announcements, which are designed to help keep our digital learning community safe through being responsible digital citizens. Each announcement will provide some tips linked to an area or topic of online safety.