The Resilient Leader

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1-Day Face-to-face Course
2 x 2-hour Sessions delivering remotely
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People don’t leave companies, they leave managers.
In order to lead others effectively, we must first be effectively lead ourselves and set an example within the organisation.  The real question is what makes someone choose to follow a leader?

Every leader faces the temptation to project a persona rather than be themselves. They think that to maintain the confidence of their team, they must appear faultless, flawless and wise. Yet most organisations need an authentic leader, not a perfect one. Leaders have a responsibility to role model the behaviours that will make people want to follow them. Leaders must be aware of their emotions and behaviour and the effects on people and performance. They must demonstrate self-control and personal resilience, particularly at times of change and increased demands.

The best leaders have high self-awareness. They don’t try to emulate someone else. They set the example by what they DO, not what they say.

Course Aim

Course Objectives

The aim of this course is to help participants increase leadership impact through increasing their self-awareness, personal resilience and leadership impact. Participants will explore techniques and approaches that will enable them to access information about themselves and learn how to use this information to become a more authentic and inspiring leadership role model. Participants will also develop a blue-print for effective leadership and use this as a benchmark to inform their own personal development as a leader.

As a result of this training, participants will:

  • Evaluate how they are currently perceived as a leader and the impact of this 
  • Gain feedback tools and techniques to strengthen self-awareness
  • Know how to be an inspiring leadership role model; deploy the right values, attitudes and behaviours to transform people and performance 
  • Recognise personal stress triggers and practice techniques to overcome setbacks and increase personal resilience

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