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Using AI with integrity – guidance for learners

07 February 2024

Artificial Intelligence – commonly referred to as “AI” – has many definitions, but essentially it is the over-arching term used to describe any advancements in computing, systems and technology whereby computer programs can perform tasks or solve problems that apply reasoning that is typically associated with human intelligence. Let’s face it, everyone has a view […]

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Top 10 Tips to Master the Art of Report Writing

23 October 2023

    Reports are the lifeblood of effective management. They provide insights, facilitate decision-making, and serve as a vital means of communication within an organisation. As a manager, your ability to write clear and concise reports is crucial to your success, and when you can master the art of producing meaningful reports that have the […]

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‘Accidental Manager’ syndrome – How to help new managers succeed

05 October 2023

Jordan was exceptional at their job. When you assigned Jordan a task to complete, you knew you wouldn’t have to check in with them. It got done. Reports always came in ahead of time. Sales targets were met — even beaten. Jordan was a great collaborator and team player but often preferred to work in […]

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Everyone is talking about… EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE

20 September 2023

Everyone is talking about emotional intelligence right now – and we are too. In fact at Adalta we have been banging on about it for the last 20-years. Not because it is the management buzzword of the moment, but because it makes good – no great – business sense. Traditionally people focused only on IQ – […]

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Top Five Courses for New Managers

21 June 2023

Having strong managers at every level of management is essential to organisational success.  But sometimes this can be a chicken and egg situation; after all, becoming a great manager isn’t something that just happens with a promotion. We often find that people are promoted because they are technically brilliant in what they do, however, moving […]

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Active Disengagement – Don’t neglect your star performers!

03 May 2023

Skills Gaps The UK Government research briefing ‘Skills and Labour Shortages’, published earlier this year, highlights the difficulty that businesses are experiencing recruiting employees with the relevant skills. In August 2022 the Federation of Small Businesses found that 78% of small firms have faced difficulties recruiting applicants with suitable skills in the previous 12 months. A key […]

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Facilitating Strategic Planning – Helping UK Businesses Navigate Change

31 March 2023

The scale and pace of change in the last few years has been unprecedented. Businesses have had to fundamentally change the way they operate post-pandemic and continue to navigate the rising costs, whilst the war in Ukraine continues to rage on. It’s no wonder that much remains uncertain for UK businesses. The biggest challenges facing […]

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Tackling the Productivity Challenge – A Modern Paradigm for 2023

25 March 2023

The Productivity Challenge One of the biggest challenges for managers in 2023 is managing increased workload. Recent findings from the 2023 Global Culture Report (by cloud software company O.C. Tanner) show that UK manager’s workload has increased on average by 46%, and almost half reported that their workload has increased since Covid, with 23% finding […]

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Menopause at work

07 March 2023

Yesterday – 6th March 2023 – the Government announced their appointment of the first Menopause Employment Champion, Helen Tomlinson. Her focus will be on encouraging employers to develop menopause policies to create more supportive environments to help women experiencing menopause to stay and progress in work. Helen said, ‘I have witnessed the transformational power that opening […]

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