A coaching culture improves not only the way employees interact with each other, but also the interactions they have with customers and potential clients.

When coaching is truly embedded it becomes a key part of an organisation’s identity, apparent through day-to-day employee behaviour.

A coaching culture enables radical organisational transformation by creating a climate where people routinely:

  • Give and receive feedback;
  • Support and stretch each other’s thinking;
  • Challenge each other and stress-test ideas where appropriate; and
  • Engage in powerful conversations that are short in length, but strong in impact.
This starts with managers and leaders ‘walking the talk’, setting the example for others to follow. Developing the potential in others, providing constructive feedback to push people to the next level, and inspiring staff with a confidence in their abilities all play an important role. But that’s not all. To really excel in coaching, managers and leaders need to have the right mind-set themselves. That way, they can approach this position of responsibility positively, and proactively.Whether you are an organisation looking to implement an organisation-wide coaching framework or an individual looking to develop your coaching capabilities, we can offer total flexibility to meet individual, team or organisational needs.

Our coaching interventions include Coaching Apprenticeships, Coaching Qualifications, Coaching Courses and 1:1 Coaching Programmes for all levels. Combined with flexible delivery/access options, we can shape a programme that is right for you and/or your organisation.
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