Getting your Head around EPA

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The buzz about trailblazer apprenticeships is everywhere currently and it has never been such an exciting time for people to progress their management and leadership careers within the UK.

More than 2,600 employers are involved in designing the new apprenticeships standards with 270 apprenticeship standards being published so far.   The introduction of independent end point assessment (EPA) is one of the most significant changes in the Government’s Apprenticeship reforms. The purpose is to assure quality in relation to meeting the new Apprenticeship standards. It is an integral part of the new Trailblazer approach, replacing the traditional Apprenticeship framework model of continuous assessment leading to qualifications.

The change stems from the 2013 government commissioned Richard Review into apprenticeships, which concluded that EPA would more accurately reflect the individual’s capability  and readiness for a particular role.

Also the independent nature of the final assessment is designed to ensure that skills are transferable across different organisations and respected industry-wide.

EPA essentially tests the entire apprenticeship standard and requires apprentices to demonstrate the knowledge, skills and behaviours as set out in the standard. It is the final synoptic assessment that determines whether an Apprentice has attained the standard or not. On successful completion of EPA Apprentices receive a certificate of achievement endorsed by the new Institute of Apprentices (IoA).

End point assessment must be conducted by a government approved Apprentice Assessment Organisation (AAO).  Adalta Development Ltd. is one of the first Government approved AAOs to provide EPA services for the new Level 3 and Level 5 Leadership and Management Apprenticeships in the UK.

We partner with providers/employers to provide EPA for the following Trailblazer Apprenticeship standards:

  • Level 3 Team Leader/Supervisor Apprenticeship standard
  • Level 5 Operations/Departmental Manager Apprenticeship standard

Why choose Adalta as your EPA Partner?

  • Assurance of quality

We are one of the first SFA approved end point assessment (EPA) providers for these standards in the UK

  • Management and Leadership Specialists

Over 15 years occupational experience in management and leadership development and assessment; plus a team of highly qualified assessors with a wealth of occupational knowledge and experience

  • A collaborative approach

We work in partnership to ensure end-point assessment is seamlessly integrated into Apprenticeship programmes

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