Qualifications for the Busy Manager

Manager crossing finish line

We come across many accidental managers who want to progress and get ahead but just don’t have the time to attend either evening classes or take full days out of their schedule.  We’ve also noticed a big shift in how individuals want to access qualifications.

Today, people want to start when they are ready and not have to wait until an enrolment period; they want to be in control of the pace at which they go through a qualification and have a blend of resources to tap in to.  Having a range of support options available is also on the wish list for many individual learners.

Adalta are one of the few UK organisations that offer fast track coaching as a route to achieving Chartered Management Institute short qualifications at any level. This approach offers a structured coaching-based approach which takes into account the specific needs of the learner and is under-pinned by continual telephone access and e-mail support from their Coach.  Not only do individuals receive 5-star service, they typically achieve their qualification 50% faster than long distance learners.

The fastest time that a learner has achieved a qualification at Award level is 3 weeks which is pretty impressive by our standards.  Everything a learner needs is at their fingertips; and their focus and commitment determines the timeline of their qualification.

This is becoming the preferred option by many organisations also for valued individuals that want to access qualifications as part of their development because it reduces time out of the business and achieves results faster.

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